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Tender Notice For Open Date/Last Date Bidding Docs

Re- scheduled Financial Bid opening for IESCO PROCUREMENT NCB-146/2023-24

2024-03-22 at 11:30 AM N/A

Summary of Technical Bid Evaluation Report for IESCO PROCUREMENT NCB-151/2023-24

2024-03-12 at 04:00 PM N/A

Extension in opening oftechnical Proposal IESCO PROCUREMENT RFP-20/EOI/2023-24

2024-03-29 at 10:00 AM N/A

Summary of Bid Evaluation Report for IESCO PROCUREMENT NCB-163/2024

2024-03-12 at 01:00 PM N/A

IESCO VEC Tender No. 38 and 39

2021-06-07 at 11:00 AM N/A

Invitation For Bids for IESCO Tender No. IESCO/PMU/Goods/NCB-70

2021-06-09 at 10:00 AM N/A


0000-00-00 at 00:00 N/A